Baseball Glove Buying Guide: Important Things to Know

Things such as a baseball mitt are so important to help you with your fielding. That’s why we wrote the baseball glove buying guide so you can choose the best glove for your baseball game.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Baseball Glove


When shopping for a baseball glove you need to determine a budget range for yourself that your glove purchase should fall into. This is important because baseball gloves come in many different price ranges. Some are very inexpensive and some custom gloves will shock you with their price tag. So select a budget range for glove buying that is appropriate to your skill level and what you are willing to spend.

When it comes to baseball gloves price is usually a good indicator of the quality of materials used in a glove too. Gloves within $40 in price you need to compare similar features they have to each other to determine which one is best for you. You also don’t want to shop totally based on price because there are some good deals to be had on baseball gloves in the marketplace too.


Most all baseball gloves are made out of some kind of animal hide. Just like other goods that are made out of hides such as leather, there are definitely different quality levels of these products. It is no different with baseball gloves and you must purchase one that is made with quality animal hide. The better the quality of hiding and leather that goes into making a baseball glove the more soft and supple it will feel.

This will make it easier to catch a baseball that is thrown at you or hit at you. A softer glove will close around the baseball as it enters into the glove and makes it easier to hang on to. The material affects more than just your catching ability too. The higher the quality of the leather or hide that goes into a baseball glove the more durable that glove will be and the longer it will last you.


How well your glove will stay together and how long it will last depends on more than just the material it is made of. The stitches and lacing of a glove are very important details as well. All the different pieces of fabric that come together to make a baseball glove are either stitched together or laced together in some fashion.

That is why it is important to get as much information as possible on how your glove will be stitched or laced together, sometimes you can tell from a photo, and at other times you will need to check it out before you use the glove. If you don’t feel the stitching and lacing are done to high standards then you can usually return the product before using it.


When a baseball is thrown at high speeds or hits you it can have a lot of momentum when going into your glove. If your baseball glove is lightly padded then it can really sting when your hand when catch a baseball. That is why you want to make sure any glove you buy is well padded in the pocket where you trap the baseball when catching it and that it also has some padding to protect your wrist too when wearing it.

So keep these things in mind for sure whenever you are shopping for a new baseball glove.

Baseball Glove Size Charts

Baseball Glove Size Charts

The equipment you use when playing sports is so important. Having the proper glove size when playing baseball can really enhance your fielding ability. Many people do not take the proper time looking for a baseball glove that meets their individual needs and they end up buying a one size fits all type of glove. That is definitely not something you want to do if you are looking to improve your game when playing the field.

You have most likely heard the expression “that fits like a glove”. That expression comes from the fact that proper fit is important for anything you wear and even more so when fitting gloves. It is no different when shopping for a baseball mitt. It is extremely important that you size your glove right because if you don’t it can really hinder your performance.

First of all, it’s important to note that sizing a glove for a youth player is very different than sizing a glove for a teen or adult player. It is critical for any youth baseball player to get a glove that fits. A glove that is too big or too small will really hurt the development of any youth player’s game. The following chart is a pretty decent reference to use when sizing a baseball glove for a youth player.

Youth Baseball Glove Sizing

Please note that there are also some exceptions when it comes to sizing a glove for a youth baseball player. After all, not all kids develop at the same rate. Some kids may be extremely big or extremely small for their size and this is important to take into consideration in that case, you may not be able to follow this glove sizing chart.

For teen and adult players there are a lot more factors involved when it comes to sizing a baseball glove. Part of the reason for that is that adult and teen players develop some characteristics they like in a glove as they develop their game over time. With that being said, there are still some general guidelines for sizing an adult or teen baseball glove.

Teen And Adult Baseball Glove Sizing

These charts can be really useful for sizing a baseball glove, especially if you are an inexperienced player who is just starting to learn how to play the game. Even experienced players can get some useful insight from these baseball glove sizing charts too.

Differences In Baseball Gloves By Position

Differences In Baseball Gloves By Position
Differences In Baseball Gloves By Position

Just as baseball gloves come in different sizes they also come in different designs for different positions. This is especially true for first basemen and catcher gloves which are radically different than those of other infielders and outfielders. Here is a quick overview of the main style of baseball gloves that players use.

Infielders Baseball Gloves

Infielders generally use gloves that are a little bit smaller than other positions because infielders need to get a good feel for the ball when it’s in their glove and then they have to take it out quickly and be able to throw it. Infielders gloves will also typically have open webbing. Open webbing makes it easier to transfer the baseball from the glove to a player’s hand before throwing,

Outfielders Baseball Gloves

Outfielders gloves are usually a little bigger than infielders gloves. This is because an outfielder needs a little bit of extra reach when chasing balls hit them in the outfield. Outfielders baseball gloves have closed webbing because it tends to hold the ball more securely and gives the glove extra strength too.

First Baseman’s Baseball Gloves

First basemen need a glove that is very big. Bigger than both infielders and outfielders gloves. They are big because the first baseman needs all the help they can get catching baseballs that are thrown to them. They have to catch balls that are thrown wide, bounce in the dirt, and throw very hard at them.

Catcher’s Mitt

A catcher needs a unique glove, to say the least. The most important trait of a catcher’s mitt is that it has lots of padding because they catch balls that are thrown very hard by the pitcher all game long. Catchers’ mitts are also designed to easily scoop balls that bounce in the dirt and also designed so the ball is easy to take out of them too.

How To Properly Store Your Glove

These days there is really no such thing as an inexpensive baseball glove. That is why it is so important to take good care of them so they last you a long time. Part of that is keeping them safe from the elements when you are not using them.

How To Properly Store Your Glove
How To Properly Store Your Glove

Tips On The Proper Way To Store Your Baseball Glove

Use an equipment bag

Most baseball equipment bags have a special place built right into them for storing your glove. Make sure if you own one you put your glove in there as soon as the game is over. Gloves that are left out tend to have their leather easily scratched and are subject to other bad situations that being uncovered tends to lend itself to.

Keep away from moisture

Moisture is definitely not a baseball mitts friend. That is why you must keep them away from any type of moisture sources when you store them. Once a leather glove gets wet the leather itself will start to lose its softness and deteriorate more quickly.

Storage hot tip

My dad was a pretty good baseball player and taught me a lot about the game. One thing he told me was a secret to keeping your baseball glove ready to play when it’s being stored. He had me take a baseball and put it inside the glove. Next, he had me tie a string around the mitt with the ball in it in the exact same position as I would use when catching a ball in my glove. This helped the glove maintain its proper catching shape when it was being stored.

So follow these baseball glove storage tips and your glove will last you much longer than you ever thought possible.

How To Clean Your Baseball Or Softball Glove

Most people never take the time to clean their baseball gloves and these same people probably got much less useful life out of their baseball gloves than they should have. That is too bad because baseball gloves can certainly be expensive and you don’t want to be replacing them any more often than you have to.

How To Clean & Store Your Baseball Or Softball Glove
How To Clean & Store Your Baseball Or Softball Glove

Keep Your Baseball Mitt Clear & Extend Its Useful Life

Get off surface dirt

Some people play baseball in dusty and muddy conditions and never even wipe their gloves off after they are done playing. This is definitely a big no-no. You should never ever even think about putting your glove away until it has been wiped off. One of the best ways to get mud and other dirt off your glove is to brush it off with a soft brush of some sort or wipe it off with an old towel.

Sponge in an approved leather cleaner

The manufacturer of your baseball glove will usually recommend one or two brands of leather cleaners that are good for your baseball glove. Use a damp sponge to put a little bit of leather cleaner all over your glove after you have gotten all of the heavy dirt off of it. Be careful not to put too much leather cleaner on the glove. Follow the directions on the bottle as close as you can.

After the leather cleaner has been on the glove for a few minutes it is best next to take off any excess cleaner that is now on the outside of the glove. This again can be done with a damp rag or a damp sponge. Make sure you do the entire surface of your baseball glove this way. Make sure you let the glove completely air dry after that.

Add some glove oil

If you want to keep your baseball glove leather soft and supple then it is best to put some glove oil on it about once a month during the baseball season. Use only approved glove oil recommended by your baseball glove manufacturer. Glove oil will really help you keep your glove in excellent playing condition.

If you do these steps on a regular basis during your baseball season it will really help keep your baseball glove in excellent condition.

Buying The Right Baseball Glove Will Help Improve Your Game

There is simply no doubt about it that the right baseball glove can make a big difference in your fielding. That is why it is so important to get a glove that fits properly and is specifically made for the position that you like to play. It is also very important to keep that glove clean and in good working condition too. Take the advice given here in the baseball glove buying guide. There is a very good chance that you will find one of the best baseball gloves that are available in the marketplace.

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